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WOW!! I can't believe how fast my computer computes with!!! You won't believe it either! [...] Now I surf instead of paddle!

- xxROOT BOYxx (Sept 2018)

yo dawg i downloaded more ghz and my computer is hella fast now thanks dog. tsm

- Nasser U. (March 2013) is the best website ever!!! I speeded up my computer even more than did ... Thank you Downloadmoreghz!

- "Biggie Smalls" (April 2013)

I gotta go fast when I compute so thanks for the giga boost fam

- Nathan P. (April 2014)

Thank you soooooo much my computer runs faster than Usian Bolt

- Maxwell F. (June 2015)

I got more ghz for my computer using your innovative "microcode" system. My SSD fan now runs faster and I can even run the LMC now.

- Darren T. (Oct 2015)