Not noticing faster Internet after Downloading Bandwidth? Follow these tips to improve performance:

  • What can I do to improve Internet performance?

    There are several things you can do easily to speed up Internet performance on your computer:

    1) Disable as many toolbars and unused extensions as possible. Toolbars and extensions consume memory and resources. Often these extensions look at the contents of the web pages you visit, which demands additional processing. Disabling them will speed up page load times.

    2) Some web browsers are inherently slower than others. Consider trying another web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    3) BitTorrent applications open hundreds to thousands of connections. On older, slower, or cheaper routers, this many connections can cause it to slow down or lock up. Try reducing the maximum number of connections allowed in your BitTorrent client settings.

  • Verifying your actual Internet speed:

    Your Internet bill will tell you the "maximum" bandwidth you are paying for. The average provider will offer middle-tier service at 10 Mbps in North America. But how do you know if you are actually getting those speeds?

    a) Run a quick Speedtest!

    b) If the resulting speed is significantly lower than the advertised speed, you will need to determine whether the slowdown is due to your computer configuration, your home network, or the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

         Run the test on other computers in your house, to make sure they show similar results. If they are all equally slow, or if they exhibit significantly different performance, perhaps there is an issue with your home network.

    a) Connect your computer directly to your Internet source (in most cases, a modem provided by your ISP).

    b) Run the test again.

    c) If the speed has increased noticeably, your router or network configuration may be to blame. If there is no change, it is time to contact your ISP directly to determine if the issue is on their end.