About This Service

What Does It Do? By clicking the Download link above, you are seconds away from increasing the amount of Internet bandwidth available to your computer. This will result in faster downloads, reduced buffering, and less waiting.

How Does It Work? Our service does not require you to install any software! Instead, it applies minor tweaks to the way data is transferred over the network to your computer, and the way your web browser deals with this data. These improvements build on each other, resulting in a significant bandwidth increase!

Is There Any Risk? There is no risk to using our service. The changes are completely reversable, with no potential to cause harm. There is no software to install, and no risk of malware or viruses, guaranteed!

How can it be free? Some things cannot be sold due to their nature. Like oil companies want to buy the rights to electric cars before they are made, this information can only help people when it is given out for free, so that everyone owns it!