Tips for Battery Life

If our service doesn't seem to work for you, there are still a number of areas where you can squeeze a bit more life out of your battery!

  1. Screen - Decreasing the brightness and reducing the time your screen is on will really help your device run longer.
  2. WiFi / Data / Bluetooth - Turning off radios when you know you aren't using them saves a lot of energy. For example, if you don't have WiFi at work, you can disable the WiFi radio until you get home.
  3. Apps - When you have a lot of applications running at the same time, your CPU will be more active and require more power. Closing apps when you are done with them will allow your CPU to enter deep sleep more often.
  4. Slow Charging - While modern fast charging technology is really convenient, it can accelerate the natural decline of battery capacity. Slow charging your device puts less strain on the battery, and will multiply its useful lifespan.
  5. Power Saving Mode - Most devices included some sort of power saving mode. These tend to reduce performance, brightness, and activity levels in order to make your battery last longer. On many devices, this mode can really stretch a charge!