How does it work?

Our service downloads battery straight to your devices! With advances in high-speed Internet services and the introduction of exciting new network protocols, it is now possible to transfer energy using the "bits" of data going to your device!

Is it really free?

The world is full of fine print, but we keep the details full-sized. Our service is provided free of charge, but it relies on Internet service to function. This means that all you need is a working Internet connection! The amount of data used is proportional to how long and how fast your device charges, but you won't even notice it on your bill.

How fast does it charge?

The speed your device charges depends on the battery capacity and Internet speed. Smartphones will charge faster than tablets, which will charge faster than laptops.

If you need to make your battery last even longer, here are some tips to make it further through the day.

Ready to start?

Give our service a try, and experience cutting-edge technology that will change everything!